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The Avi Rahamim Group is one of most long-established construction and development companies in Israel. Avi Rahamim, the company’s owner and Chairperson, assimilated his comprehensive knowledge in construction over tens of years from his family and his late father Yaakov Rahamim. Avi founded the company in the beginning of the 1990s and since then leads and advances its activity

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Map of populated projects - urban renewal

Nomi 25
Nomi 11
Egoz St.
Tamar 20
Derech Hayam 92
Nurit 13
Nurit 38
Selit 20
Taashur St.
Haasif 8
Hanasi 52
Bat Hen St.
Berl St.
Nahalal 12
Elisha 1
Habankim St.
Bialik 8
Tebenkin 19
Hatihon 3
Hatihon 48
Hatihon 56-58
Shaul 5
Hametailim 5
Hagalil 22
Hagalil 37
Hagalil 41
Trumpeldor 15
Hagalil 112
Hagalil 134
DownTown Commercial Center
Nehamiya 10
Hamizpe St.


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