The Avi Rahamim Group is one of most long-established construction and development companies in Israel. Avi Rahamim, the company’s owner and Chairperson, absorbed his comprehensive construction knowledge over tens of years from his family and his late father Yaakov Rahamim. Avi founded the company in the beginning of the 1990s and continues to lead and advance the company and its activity.

Our Values

As a well-renowned company, the Avi Rahamim Group has always attached great importance to the highest professionalism and to the highest quality
of work and materials, to the satisfaction of its customers. The company’s managers and employees are committed to superior execution and uncompromising quality standards.

Our Experience

Over its decades of activity the company has built and developed buildings and infrastructures throughout the country, including work for local government from Dan to Eilat, as well as residential and commercial projects in Israel and even Eastern Europe. The company has participated Defense Ministry, Housing Ministry and other government projects. In recent years the company is involved in developing, planning and executing various urban renewal projects throughout the country.

Our Advantages

  • The Avi Rahamim Group is both an executing contractor and a development company, active in the Association of Contractors and Builders in Israel and in the Israel Builders Association.
  • The company’s staff is experienced in conducting in-depth planning and financial examinations at the preliminary stage of real estate transactions – ensuring the success of the project in advance.
  • Our managers and employees specialize in understanding continuously changing market needs, as well as the needs of our customers and target markets.
  • Our managers and employees remain up-to-date, continuously learning and developing, while applying the most advanced technologies and techniques in the construction world in order to best serve our customers.
  • As a family company, the Avi Rahamim Group places the utmost importance on maintaining a warm atmosphere and providing personal service to each and every customer. Our customers receive close and considerate accompaniment throughout the planning and construction process.
Avi Rahamim <br /><strong>CEO and Owner</strong>
Avi Rahamim
CEO and Owner