Operational Flexibility

At the Avi Rahamim Group we understand that every customer has unique needs, preferences and personal tastes.

The current real estate market requires maximum flexibility so that each and every buyer can enjoy their dream apartment. An integral part of our approach is to enable every apartment buyer to plan their apartment according to their needs and preferences, together with the company’s Resident Changes Department   

The operational flexibility we offer includes finding solutions to specific individual needs, as well as flexibility working with local government in order to advance the issuance of project permits. This idea flexibility is a Company value, does not stop there – we are open to new opinions and ideas of the consultants, engineers, suppliers, architects and designers we work with. Our own execution in the field, our close and years-long relationship with the range of professionals with whom we work in all areas, and the seniority and experience of our company’s employees, give us maximum operational flexibility on every matter.

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