Quality of Life

The world is progressing, and what was once considered a luxury is now the new building standard.   

Technological innovations such as the smart home, electric charging stations for electric cars, non-stair access, balconies and gardens attached to apartments, a room for every child, a home office for those working at home, an apartment storage room, private parking spaces, a solar roof and much more, did not exist in the past or were considered luxury items only for the rich. 

At Avi Rahamim Group we believe that the residents of the buildings we build deserve the best quality of life which the construction world has to offer, and all the latest innovations that make life easier. This is why you will find pampering upgrades in our projects, including a luxury kitchen open to the living room, large hosting areas, new and modern materials, soundproof windows, a spacious entrance lobby, security cameras, storage rooms, fitness rooms, luxury coverings, and more.   

All these as well as additional elements are part of the high quality of life we envision, and are integrated into the company’s activity.