Urban Renewal

Urban renewal is spearheading the real estate field in Israel in recent years.  

Most of the residential buildings in Israel, as well as other types of buildings, were built during the first decades after the founding of the State according to 1930s and 1940s standards. Therefore, most of these buildings are at risk of collapse. Of course if, as expected, there will be an earthquake in Israel, these buildings will not remain standing.

Furthermore, residential buildings built before the end of the First Gulf War (1991) do not have an apartment protected room (mamad).

Building apartment protected spaces - mamad – is critical for protecting the residents of the State in light of the myriad security threats we face. Of course, we do not know when another war will break out, however it can be said with certainty that there will be a war, and with high probability it will include a barrage of rockets falling on extensive parts of the country. Many residents in Israel still live very far from public protected spaces, or cannot reach them on time. Therefore, the apartment protected space is the only solution that can protect your life.

In light of all these facts, the State decided to undertake urban renewal, and to accelerate and promote evacuation &reconstruction projects.

These urban renewal projects solve these and additional problems of buildings that are not tailored for modern Israeli life with respect to security, accessibility parking, acoustics, soundproofing, withstanding rockets and earthquakes, and more and more…

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Avi Rahamim Group

Participated in and developed numerous urban renewal projects in recent years and executed them as best as possible, to the satisfaction of all those involved. We are currently working on numerous urban renewal projects in various areas in Israel, providing safe, tailored and relevant solutions to the problems posed by old buildings.