Professionalism has been a supreme value of the Avi Rahamim Group since its founding, in both its execution and development activities.

The company meets optimal standards of professionalism owing to its extensive and long-standing experience over many years. This includes its experienced and veteran project managers and excellent and dedicated employees who are loyal to the company’s values and committed to its customers’ satisfaction.

Moreover, we employ management methods that ensure maximum professionalism at every stage, from planning through execution, based on flexibility and quality decision processes. We also underscore collaboration between management and employees, as well as with relevant external entities such as prominent architects and consultants in Israel who bring both knowledge and imaginative thinking.  

Every project undergoes a meticulous planning process tailored to the buyer’s needs. We give attention to the smallest detail and ensure that everything is performed as best as possible in order to achieve the most quality outcome - a perfect and pleasant residential experience, without worries.

We are also committed to quality assurance processes, reliability and professional attention at each and every stage.




Our rich and varied portfolio attests to our extensive experience in execution and occupancy, to the satisfaction of the resident.

Avi Rahamim, Chairperson and owner of the Avi Rahamim Group, is continuously involved in its activity, at every stage and on every matter.

Yoad Rahamim,  Avi Rahamim’s son, is the company’s VP of Business Development. He holds a bachelor’s degree and an MBA in Economics and Business Administration, with a specialization in accounting. He is involved in ongoing management of the company, including the advancement of new projects.

Adiel Rahamim, Avi Rahamim’s youngest son, a Technion graduate,  is in the field on a daily basis, directly overseeing all projects.