Kakal st. 37 Jerusalem

A unique luxury boutique building.

In Jerusalem's Sha'ary Hesed-Rehavia neghbothood, ahistoric 8-story building is restores offering 15 meticulously designed apartments in aprime location' in the heart of Jerusalem.


Avi Rahamim Group The Avi Rahamaim Group, owned by Mr. Avner Rahamim, is a building contractor and real estate development company, founded by Mr. Avner Rahamim in 1991.The company has constructed buildings and infrastructures in Israel and worldwide. In Israel we have worked with the Ministry of Defense and municipalities across the country. The company's reputation of excellence, solid financial stability and the faith given to us by both our clients and the banks are a testament to the high standards our work has lived up to throughout the years. This project is financially guaranteed by Hapoalim bank.


A Unique Property in One of the Most Exclusive Neighborhoods in Jerusalem.

In the Sha'arei Hesed-Rehavia neighborhood of Jerusalem, a historic 8 story building is restored offering 15 meticulously designed apartments in a prime location in the heart of Jerusalem.

More about the Neighborhood

Sha'arei Hesed was establisehd in 1909 and has since been known for its virtous people, scholars and Rabbis. Located in the center of Jerusalem, it remains queit albeit urban and lively.

Notable past residents include Rabbi Samuel Lerner Pfefferman who was one of the founders of Gra Synagogue, Moses Shapira, who built the synagogue clock, Haim the baker, Shalom Kassar and Bezalel Goldstein.

The Neighborhood and its Surroundings

1.            The building

2.            HaGra (Vilna Gaon) Synagogue

3.            Ohel Avraham synagogue

4.            HaNasi Synagogue (led by Rabbi Wine)

5.            Yeshurun Central synagogue

6.            Knesset

7.            Sacher Park.

8.            Supreme Court of Israel

9.            Mahane Yehuda Market

10.         Old City/Western Wall

You are invited to join this community and be part of its rich cultural life and Jerusalem's distinctive spirituality, manifested in both its people and its architecture.